Clamwin Anti-Virus

    This is an anti-virus program like no other, it will not run in the
background scanning all the files coming in and out of your machine.
It is not quick.... I mean it's slow, slow, slow, 4-5 hours for a scan is
not unheard of and if it does find a virus it won't delete it!
    But the good side is GOOD, it's free and it's a big hitter, we are
talking 100% success rate, if this doesn't find it, then it's not there!

    So to use it... download it from Clamwin and install it, download any
updates. Unplug the network connection or switch off the router if your
using wifi. Stop any programs running on the machine and start Clamwin
to scan your pc, at this point go to work, bed or holiday. It will be a while
before the scan is complete, and at the end of the scan it will tell your if
there are any viruses and where they are on your machine. Write these
down and restart the pc, press F8 on boot and select safe mode.
You can now delete the files that are infected, after which reboot the
machine as normal. All should be well with the world!