Stopping Annoying Programs.... from ever starting!

    Click on Start Button, Run..., type in msconfig and enter, then click on Startup tab. Remember
of these programs may be associated with your firewall, Anti-virus program or some hardware
need programs running in the background so be very
careful, to help it does show the path to the
executable that started the running program.

    If your not sure it's best to disable one at a time then reboot to see if everything is working


    Another place where programs can be located and be made to start is in the start menu, that is
if you click on START - ALL PROGRAMS you'll see a folder called Startup, check this aswell
and delete as appropriate.
    One other word of warning, you could have a virus. Run your Anti Virus program
and if you still have issues I recommend you try ClamwinAV, this is not a normal
Anti virus program!